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When you need to take a time out

Stopping in to experience the Time Out Market

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Uncovering Portugal

A delightful expedition to Portugal

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Pottering around in Porto

Discovering the Harry Potter connections in Porto

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The fabulous foods of Porto

The exploration of Portuguese food continues- with some unexpected surprises.

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Winding through the Douro Valley

What could be more marvelous than a trip to the Douro valley in an EV?

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Oh Porto, My Porto!

Tuk Tuk tour in Porto

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Portuguese High Speed trains

High speed adventure from Lisbon to Porto

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Beautiful Sintra

Exploring the majesty of Sintra

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Cascais and a little more Jose

Day tripping to Cascais

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Sunset sail with a chef

A little evening dining while the chef sails the Tagus river. Who's in?

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Who's up for some tinned fish?

A trip to Portugal can't be complete without some tinned fish!

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Wandering through Belem

A trip to Lisbon isn't complete unless you see the sights of Belem! That, and some random peacocks.

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Those lovely blue tiles

My favorite tiles from all over Portugal

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Oh my Cod- Food tour in Lisbon

Time to continue the tasting journey as we explore more Portuguese cuisine in Lisbon.

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Sailing the Tagus in Lisbon

Time to see Lisbon from a new vantage point- the Tagus River.

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A taste of Lisbon

After a hiatus of international travel, our worldwide adventures resume with a trip to Portugal. In this post, we visit the well known Belcanto.

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