Winding through the Douro Valley

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Amber Christian
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Today was the day- our Electric Vehicle tour of the Douro Valley! The morning dawned cool and crisp in Porto. But we knew headed to the Douro valley would bring a much warmer experience. Today we toured with Portugal EV tours. We got tucked into the car, and settled in for the ride. From the comfort of a Tesla, we enjoyed the winding roads en route to the Valley. As we got closer and closer to the valley- we started seeing images like these:

The beautiful terracing on the hills isn't something you see in most wine regions, and makes the Douro Valley special. Our first stop of the day is at the Olive Oil museum. This is a great chance to see how olive oil used to be made. Let's just say its makes your current career feel much more appealing. It was very hot and hard work! After our tour of the museum, we had an olive oil and honey tasting with incredible views of the valley.

We picked up a bottle of wine from their wines and took it with us for our River cruise. Here we also rode on an electric powered boat like this:

Coming into the valley, you get one perspective. And then coming down on to the water, you gain a whole new perspective. We sat on the boat sipping our wine as we cruised along the river. One hour was enough to be good and relaxed from the wine as well as enjoy this scenery. Pure bliss!

Next we were off to a winery where we would have a picnic, a tour, and a tasting. Quinta Do Tedo had an incredible experience.

We were off to our picnic lunch in the vineyards. This was an option that we had as part of our EV Tour. As we walked over to our lunch, we can see the grapes just bursting with color. It's almost harvest time here.

We arrived at our shaded picnic table, surrounded by the vineyard, olive and quince trees. We enjoyed a delicious lunch in the shade while soaking in the surrounding vineyard. Ah, Portugal- I am so in love!

After a leisurely lunch and wonderful conversation with our guide, it was time to head off for a tour and a tasting. We enjoyed seeing more of the winery and where the Port is stored.

We also enjoyed a tasting. I'm going to be honest here. Port is not my favorite. It's a heavy wine and an acquired taste. But the blends that are coming out of some of these wineries are utterly delightful. The Rose that we enjoyed with our lunch was excellent. I don't normally like Rose's all that much, but this was quite nice. After the tasting, we slipped back into the cool comfort of the Tesla and headed off for our next stop. Next up was Ventozelo. You can also stay on the property here. I made a mental note that we are coming back here someday to simply spend a few days. One of the restaurant areas was fascinating, as they blow cool mist.

Hanging out with our guide Sergio and enjoying the view

After this stop, it is time to make the trek back to Porto. At this point, I am happily exhausted from the day (maybe from all the wine too). I promptly fall asleep in the car on the drive back. It was a lovely drive back as we brought the day to a close. I cannot say enough good things about this tour. It was simply wonderful to support a small travel company in Portugal doing an amazing tour. We were so grateful for this experience.

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