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Amber Christian
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On Friday evening we decided to visit the Time Out Market. We had heard a lot about this market, and knew it was quite popular. As we have traveled the world, we have noticed that food halls are becoming more and more popular. We like the concepts of food halls as well. There are many different choices for where to get what you want, and they tend to have pretty flexible hours. For Lisbon, many of the chefs with popular restaurants have a stand in the food hall as well. They are also great if you don't want to sit and linger for hours over a meal.

In order to go in the market at that time, we either had to have the EU Digital health pass or a negative Covid test. Thankfully they had a place where we could go take a rapid test. It took all of 5 minutes to get the test done, and we were inside. One big lesson learned on this trip is that the rapid tests are just not a big deal. I was nervous about having to take rapid tests in cases where this was required. It gave us the added benefit of knowing we weren't picking it up along the way. After going through this once, it just became part of the norm.

We wandered the perimeter of the market to see what we thought we wanted to eat.

We settled in on a meat sandwich. It was definitely a health portion. We also found a chocolate dessert to take back to our AirBnb for later.

So what we did we think of the food? It was okay. Somehow I thought I would be more wowed by the food. We tried a few different things, and everything was just okay. Now the dessert- that was something to write home about. That was excellent. The funny part about that was technically it was after she could give us takeout so we had to wrap our chocolate confection in some napkins and carry it back with us. We didn't even eat it until the next morning. But wow was it good! Just goes to show you never know what part of an experience will be remarkable!

Would I go again? Sure. Maybe it was an off day or maybe I was just really tired after a long day of touristing. It had a nice ambience and it was a good overall experience. Now the food hall in Porto- that is another story! Stay tuned......

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