Pottering around in Porto

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Amber Christian
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It's our final night here in Portugal, and we are going out with a bang! As I researched Porto, I discovered JK Rowling had lived and taught English in Porto earlier in her career. There are a number of sights in Porto as well that appear to be the inspiration for her Harry Potter books. Seems is the operative word, because she has publicly confirmed only bits and pieces.

I enjoyed both the Harry Potter books and the movies. So we thought a walking tour exploring the connections between Porto and the Harry Potter books was a very fun way to spend an evening. We had a wonderful, enthusiastic guide. The entire tour was Americans. Some were bigger Harry Potter nerds than others. But all had a delightful time. Here is our guide:

He brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the tour that you couldn't help but be captivated. As we walked on the tour, we went by the Majestic Cafe. This cafe was beautiful in its own right. I wished we had more time to go back here. The cafe has a long history of being inspiring for writers and others. And looking in, I can definitely see why!

Another fun stop on the tour was the Livraria Lello. It has the amazing staircase that you might remember from the books. When we went by there, it was closed (this was an evening tour). But this is another stop that we will make again in the future.

Our final night in Porto, and we had a great walking tour talking about Harry Potter. This was an inexpensive, and incredibly fun tour. And it brought to a close a delightful trip to Portugal.

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