Portuguese High Speed trains

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Amber Christian
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Today it is time to head north. After an amazing time in the Lisbon area, we are off to explore Porto. On this trip, we didn't really want to drive. So I planned for us to take the high speed train up to Porto. We love taking the trains in Europe. Yes, in some cases it takes more time. But in other cases, it is faster than either flying or driving. We settled in for our three hour train ride north. I bought my tickets ahead of time and was able to get a great discount on them. Due to social distancing requirements we were on opposite sides of the train from each other. The train wasn't particularly crowded.

I downloaded a few shows to watch on my phone and settled in for the ride. Having grown up in farm country in the Midwest in the US, I am used to large scale agriculture. It's always interesting to me to see fields in a lot of European countries. Fields are of course smaller, and sometimes look like they are haphazardly placed next to each other. You might see a grove of olives next to a winery and then a corn field, then more olives. For some reason seeing everything appearing mixed together always makes me smile. The scenery is pleasant along the way, and it is a nice opportunity to relax.

We enjoy the rest of the train ride and as we get closer to Porto, start seeing more beaches. I make a mental note that I have a few places to come back to again someday, as we only have a few days in Porto.

We arrived in Porto early afternoon after a very nice comfortable ride. It was great to sit back and leave the driving to someone else. The journey in Porto continues!

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