Oh Porto, My Porto!

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Amber Christian
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We arrived in Porto and got settled into our accommodations. I think I am already in love with this city! We know we only have a few days here on this trip, and we want to make the most of them. When I was researching this trip, I got an idea for how to get a feel for the city. So I booked us a Tuk Tuk tour!

This isn't our first time riding in a Tuk Tuk. I will never forget buzzing around Bangkok on one on a food tour, but that is another story. With a safe driver, they are a fun way to travel around.

The roads are narrow and winding and we are happy to not be driving! Our driver helped us start to get a feel for Porto and its many beautiful sites. Bouncing along on the Tuk Tuk, I noticed some of my picture angles are a bit wonky, but oh well. We start slipping into happy haze mode as our driver buzzes us around Porto. Soaking in the sights and just relaxing.

Our driver took us all over, including the famous McDonalds- one of the most beautiful in the world. It's in the home of the previous Imperial Cafe. McDonalds kept the lovely historic interior. I was tempted to come here to eat just to savor that interior!

One of the hidden spots that our driver brought us to was up in a local park. It's not heavily touristed, just lots of locals enjoying the late afternoon. It was here that we finally got to see a Cork tree up close! Portugal is a huge producer of cork, and we have noticed lots of products made of cork that you can purchase. It's a neat nuance we've learned about on our trip here.

I also find myself loving how Porto is also on the water, much like Lisbon. I also love how you can see some of the ancient walls that used to surround the city here. Of course, the city has outgrown those walls!

Pictures don't really do Porto justice- it's an absolutely lovely city on the water. As we look down, we see the train crossing the bridge. Pedestrians scatter as the train comes, then resume their walk when it's gone. Cars drive across on the lower level of the bridge. Boats sail on the water enjoying the lovely sunshine. The air is crisp and cool- surprising cool for August.

Our overview takes just a few hours- but it has been a great way to get a feel for this city.

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