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Amber Christian
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Before I write this post, I have to give a shout out to travel forums. Prior to planning trip, I had not really engaged in forums much. I used the Rick Steve's travel forums to ask my questions. It was incredibly helpful to be able to ask questions of other travelers and locals from Portugal. This made it easier to plan our day trip from Lisbon to Cascais. Via the forums, I learned it was an easy train ride from Lisbon to Cascais. Cascais was the summer playground for royalty and wealthy individuals. If you are looking for some really nice beaches and seaside views, this is a great stop. It was wonderful to see families out and enjoying the beaches.

Unfortunately, the Cidadel De Cascais was closed that day, so we skipped the museum. We wandered around the tourist town, just savoring being in Europe again. Often on this trip, I find myself a little sentimental. This was our first trip out of the US since March 2020. And I keep realizing how much I have missed Europe. Sitting at an outdoor cafe, sipping espresso, and watching the world go by. It's truly wonderful to be here again. We went to Cantinho Do Avillez for lunch. For someone who knew nothing about Jose Avillez prior to this trip, I sure have been enjoying his restaurants!

It was lunchtime- so we simply did a prix fix menu- it was plenty for lunch and we left very full.

Oh look- I had more fish! After having lunch, we wandered around the town a bit more in a happy full belly haze. After multiple long days lately, we were feeling a bit tired. So we cut our day short and hopped the train back to Lisbon to rest and refuel. Another successful outing here in Portugal.

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